Service & Support request form

Valid for customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Customers in other regions, please take contact to the local authorized EIZO distributor.

Service & Support will be performed by our technicians at EIZO Nordic AB in Sweden.

Our aim is to provide professional, safe and fast service. To avoid delays, please fill out the form as complete and correct as possible. Fields marked with the asterisk '*' are mandatory.

Since EIZO might need to charge for some service carried out, I assure that I am an adult/at least 18 years old:

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SEND IN – for any Service, Warranty or Non-warranty Click to see terms.
PICK UP – for Warranty Service (unit must be packed) Click to see terms.
PRE SWAP – DOA – for newly purchased products with Warranty faults. Click to see terms.
SUPPORT – Technician from EIZO will reply to the client regarding the error description/symptom defined above.
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Delivery / collection address (if same as above, please only define device location)

Please let us know where the devices can be collected or exchanged, e.g. in your incoming goods department, the mail room, head office, or reception.

NB! EIZO Nordic AB reserves the right to charge for:

- troubleshooting (labor) if the unit turns out not to have any faults.
- repairs (labor and parts) due to any flaws not covered by warranty.

If EIZO consider it necessary to repair units received after PICK UP or SEND IN service, due to flaws not covered by warranty, EIZO will send the customer an estimate of cost before any repair is made.This applies for flaws, defects and damages not covered by the limited warranty. Example: theft marking, freight damage, lightning damage, scratches in casing/screen surface or discoloration of casing due to e.g. smoking, sunlight etc.

If some information is missing or not correctly filled in, the service might be delayed.

If you are unable to complete the mandatory* or accept the terms, please contact EIZO Nordic AB.