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February 20
EIZO Releases Highly Durable 10.4-inch Industrial Touch Panel Monitor for Factories, Control Rooms, and Other Facilities
February 15
Notice Concerning Change of Representative Directors(PDF)
February 15
EIZO Announces the Establishment of a Sales Subsidiary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(PDF)
February 15
EIZO to Debut New Monitor and Software Solutions for the HDR Workflow at NAB 2024
February 07
EIZO Makes the 2023 Climate Change A List by Obtaining the Highest Score from the CDP [PDF]
February 01
Consolidated Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended December 31, 2023 (Under Japanese GAAP) (PDF)
January 31
Consolidated Financial Highlights 23F Third Quarter [PDF]
January 31
Notice Concerning the Impact on our Business Performance of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024 [PDF]
January 23
EIZO Library: Visit to the EIZO Headquarters - ColorEdge Factory Tour
January 22
Effects of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024 (Update) [PDF]
January 18
EIZO Releases Remote Controlled Pan and Tilt Head for Mounting Cameras or Other Devices in Industrial Environments
January 18
EIZO Adds Chassis to Mount Configuration Option for Its Highly Durable 15-inch Touch Panel Monitor for Industrial Applications
January 16
Case Study: EIZO ATC Monitors Support the Aviation Dream of CAAC Jiangxi Branch
January 16
Case Study: HMS Mirdif Hospital in Dubai, UAE - EIZO CuratOR Solution for Surgical Documentation and Video Management
January 10
Effects of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024 [PDF]
January 09
EIZO to Showcase Its ATC Visual System and Smart Monitor Technologies at Airspace World 2024


December 26
EIZO Library: Make the Switch to a Smarter Monitor - EIZO SwitchLink for Raptor Monitors
December 19
EIZO to Start Using 100% Renewable Energy in All of Its Manufacturing Facilities in Japan [PDF]
December 11
EIZO Demonstrates Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by Earning Gold Status from the Responsible Business Alliance [PDF]
December 07
EIZO at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai
November 09
EIZO Launches Its First 4K Medical Recorder for Archiving Video of Endoscopy, Microsurgery, and Other High-Precision Procedures
November 02
EIZO Releases Its First Large Screen 4K UHD Monitor with 3D Image Display for Endoscopy and the Operating Room
November 01
Consolidated Financial Results for the Six Months Ended September 30, 2023 (Under Japanese GAAP)
October 31
Case Study: Kyoto University Hospital - Performance of EIZO Monitors Determines Our Reading Quality
October 31
Case Study: Kyoto University Hospital - Improving Hospital Services with Reliable EIZO Monitor Solutions
October 31
Consolidated Financial Highlights 23F First Half (PDF)
October 12
EIZO Offers Collective Packaging for 11 FlexScan Models to Corporate Customers for Sustainability and Loading Efficiency
October 12
October 12
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Landscape Photographer and NFT Artist Fabio Antenore
October 12
Case Study: Estudio Roco - Passion for Technology and the Magic of Cinema
October 03
EIZO's EPEAT-Registered Products Attain New Climate+ Designation for Compliance with Climate Change Standards
October 02
Integrated Report 2023
September 27
Consolidated Financial Statements 22F (PDF)
September 21
EIZO and Qognify Collaborate to Integrate DuraVision IP Decoding Solutions into Qognify VMS for Security & Surveillance
September 12
EIZO Releases ColorNavigator API for Developers to Integrate Monitor Color Management Operations into Creative Software Applications
September 07
EIZO Adds New Pixel Inspection Function to ColorEdge Monitors for Color Management System Managers in Post Production Studios
September 05
Case Study: Toyohashi Municipal Hospital - Improving Hospital Information Security with an EIZO IP Decoding Monitor Surveillance System
July 31
Consolidated Financial Results for the Three Months Ended June 30, 2023 (Under Japanese GAAP)
July 28
Consolidated Financial Highlights First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023
July 27
Case Study: Wakayama Medical University Hospital - Improving Reading Efficiency with Ultrawide, Curved Monitors
July 25
Case Study: Steel and Technology Group Salzgitter AG - Surveillance of Production Areas in a Compact Solution
July 25
Case Study: Portrait and Fashion Photographer Evely Duis - Finding the Perfect Balance
July 25
EIZO Library: Exhibit of Virtual Human Saya - ColorEdge as an Eye to the Artist
July 20
Case Study: CoMix Wave Films - ColorEdge Monitors Used for Production of Animated Film "Suzume"
July 11
Case Study: Tanja Brandt - Eagle-Owl, Owl, Wolfdog & Co.
July 11
Case Study: Aedes - FlexScan Monitors Replace the Docking Station
July 11
Case Study: Lilli Nass - Moments' Worth
July 06
Corporate Governance Report (PDF)
June 27
EIZO Unveils 30.5-Inch, 8 Megapixel Medical Monitor with USB Type-C Docking for Off-Site or Home Teleradiology and Pathology
June 22
EIZO Releases Highly Durable 12.1-inch Touch Panel Monitor for Industrial Environments
June 20
EIZO Library: A Professional Photographer's Visit to the EIZO Factory
June 15
EIZO Releases 21.3-Inch Square Monitor for Long-Term Supply to Back Offices and Control Rooms
June 13
EIZO Included in the SOMPO Sustainability Index for the Third Consecutive Year
June 08
EIZO at the 24th China International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition (CHCC) 2023
June 02
EIZO Builds a New Technology Hub For Future Growth of Their Image-Related Equipment Business [PDF]
May 25
Notice of the 56th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (PDF)
May 25
Accelerating Efforts to Achieve Carbon Neutrality EIZO Announces "Transition to Net Zero" [PDF]
May 15
Consolidated Financial Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023 (Under Japanese GAAP)
May 12
Consolidated Financial Highlights 22F (PDF)
May 02
Case Study: SBB Operations Center - All Eyes on the Eight-Monitor Workstations
April 25
EIZO Library: Streamlining Event Response - Alert-to-Action Security Solution for Banks
April 25
Case Study: Bank Vontobel - Quality, Reliability, and Customer Value
April 18
EIZO Releases New Generation 24.1-inch sRGB Color Management Monitor with USB Type-C Connection and Sustainable Packaging
April 18
Case Study: Navis Engineering - Integrated Touchscreens for Dynamic Positioning Systems in Vessels
April 18
Case Study: The EIZO Solution for a Multi-Modality Catheterisation Laboratory at Harefield Hospital, UK
April 13
EIZO Unveils New Generation of Business Professional Monitors with 4K Resolution, USB Type-C Docking, and EPEAT GOLD Ecolabel for Sustainability
April 13
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Fashion Photographer Evely Duis
April 06
Case Study: Hydro Technology Institute - Clear Camera Imaging for Measuring River Flows at Night
April 04
Case Study: Diana Mehner - Every Dog Has Its Day
March 30
EIZO Medical Monitor and Software Comply with New International Standard for Quality Control of Medical Display Systems
March 28
EIZO Recognized as a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader for Climate Change Response [PDF]
March 23
EIZO Attends the Academy's 95th Scientific and Technical Awards Ceremony
March 23
Case Study: New EIZO System for the Central Emergency Room at University Hospital rechts der Isar, Germany
March 16
EIZO at DMEA 2023, Europe's leading event for Digital Health, in Germany
March 16
EIZO Demonstrates Environmental Consciousness by Achieving EPEAT Gold Certification for Sustainability [PDF]
March 02
EIZO Constructs a New Logistics Building with Net-Zero CO2 Emissions [PDF]
February 28
EIZO Releases 21.3-Inch Medical Monitor with Sustainable Designed for Patient Chart Display and Diagnostic Image Review
February 24
EIZO Releases Family of IP Decoding Solutions with New Future-Proof Decoding Platform and Seamless Integration into Security Systems
February 16
EIZO Releases World's First Lightweight 2K x 2K Primary Control Monitor with VESA 100 x 100 Compliance and Smart Technologies
February 16
EIZO to Reveal New Product and Showcase Its ATC Visual System at Airspace World 2023
February 02
EIZO Releases New Generation 24.1-inch Color Management Monitor with USB Type-C Connection and Sustainable Packaging
February 01
Consolidated Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended December 31, 2022 (Under Japanese GAAP) (PDF)
January 31
Consolidated Financial Highlights 22F Third Quarter (PDF)
January 23
EIZO Earns Platinum Status from the Responsible Business Alliance for Sustainability Initiatives in the Global Supply Chain [PDF]
January 19
EIZO Establishes New Sales Subsidiary in India with Operations Set to Commence in April 2023 (PDF)
January 17
EIZO at Arab Health 2023 in Dubai
January 10
EIZO Purchases New Office Building as Company Growth Accelerates the Demand for Larger Engineering and Production Spaces (PDF)