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Pang Xiaowei

Contemporary Photography
ColorEdge CG319X

Pang Xiaowei, a famous contemporary photographer in China and a member of the China Photographers Association and of the Royal Photographic Society, acts as the specially invited photographer of organizations such as CCTV-5, CCTV-6, National Centre for the Performing Arts, and China National Film Museum. To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Chinese films, Pang spent four years from 2002 shooting black-and-white portraits of 1,000 famous Chinese film artists.

Many of Pang's works were collected by China's national museums such as photographs and original films of Chinese film artists, China Olympic Champions, and China Peking Opera. They can be found in the China National Film Museum, National Art Museum of China, and National Museum of China.

As a veteran user of the EIZO CG series of monitors for nearly ten years, Pang Xiaowei is very reliant on the professionalism of EIZO products. Pang’s shooting is almost always captured in natural light, but the electronization of film works is inseparable from the true display of color by these professional monitors.

Case Study

“The consistency of the monitor with the final work and color reproduction is most important. At this point, EIZO is superior to other monitors.”

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