The range of EIZO displays includes various special monitors, which are designed to help support the workflows of digital x-ray diagnostics. Alongside the choice between colour and greyscale monitors, users can also select the monitor resolution according to their respective requirements. In addition, the monitor has the advantage that the Digital Uniformity Equaliser (DUE) function balances out differences in brightness and chrominance in different areas of the screen.

When performing diagnostics on digital x-ray exposures, users are increasingly reliant on large screens, which enable them to simultaneously call up images of different modalities. The monitors are designed just for that purpose and enable the display, for example, of two halves of an image on a single monitor. This means that different images can be shown in parallel without the annoying frames.

The EIZO benefits at a glance

  1. Monitor models designed according to diagnostic requirements (size, monitor resolution, colour and greyscale, multi-modality)
  2. Automatic calibration in line with the DICOM standard
  3. Guaranteed brightness stability
  4. Energy efficiency through the motion sensor, which intelligently dims the monitor
  5. More flexibility when creating and displaying hanging protocols based on the screen size and resolution
  6. Highly ergonomic, for example through anti-reflection displays
  7. Good energy balance thanks to the LED backlight, which is energy-saving and does not contain any mercury
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