Many changes are making their way into hospitals. These include minimally invasive surgery as well as a bevy of new techniques such as interventional radiology (IVR). In addition, advances in IT are now making it possible to seamlessly exchange data gathered during outpatient care, medical check-ups, diagnosis, admittance, surgery, and the patient’s discharge from the hospital. Digital image distribution and reproduction are taking on an ever larger role in the lab and in the operating room as well. EIZO markets high-quality monitors and video management systems designed specifically to meet this demand and keep pace in this dynamic field.

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EIZO launched the RadiForce line of high-resolution medical LCD monitors for medical diagnosis and clinical review in 2002. EIZO then went on to unveil the first 4K video management systems for the IVR market in 2011. This was followed in 2014 by the development of CuratOR, an end-to-end video management system that provides the optimum viewing experience in operating rooms.

EIZO will continue to respond to changes in the medical field by offering many diverse products and solutions for medical imaging. Here is an overview of the current range of products EIZO offers.

For Medical Diagnosis and Clinical Review

Since 2002, EIZO has been designing and marketing RadiForce monitors, which meet the high standards in the field of medical diagnosis and clinical review. EIZO set the standard for clinical review monitors back in 2005 with the launch of its DICOM preset monitors. 

Full Range of Products

There are many medical imaging techniques for generating greyscale and colour images for numerous forms of diagnostics. The monitors in the RadiForce series meet all of the many different requirements of medical facilities. They support calibration in accordance with DICOM Part 14 and offer powerful functions for precise diagnostics. Graphics boards recommended and certified by EIZO round out the range.

Multi-Modality Options

A combination of several imaging techniques is being used more and more in recent years. There is an array of monitors available for use throughout the hospital, be that in the reading room, in an ambulance, or in the lab. EIZO offers many large-format diagnostic monitors to meet the growing demand for solutions for viewing several images simultaneously. This allows users to directly compare colour and greyscale images in different resolutions while providing them with numerous configuration options.

New Methods to Interpret Images

The transition to digital, high-performance medical imaging has resulted in the use of significantly more images in diagnostics that are now interpreted with the aid of computers. This means that radiologists can now analyse more data than ever before. EIZO has developed Work-and-Flow functionalities designed to help physicians effectively handle image reproduction and make it easier to interpret the captured images. For example, the exam check list can only be shown by moving the cursor when it is needed; in all other cases, it is hidden.

EIZO’s RadiForce and CuratOR product lines represent a comprehensive range of innovative high-end solutions for medical applications in various fields.

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Use in Medical Treatment and Surgeries

Doctors working in modern operating rooms are shown a large number of images to help ensure a safe and successful outcome in an operation. Various imaging techniques are used in the operating room, in IVR and in endoscopy, based on the desired aim of the surgical procedure being performed.

All of the data and images are provided to the user with the goal of ensuring the safe and successful outcome of the operation. As a result, display manufacturers such as EIZO face the challenge of presenting the images and information to each of the individual user groups right when and where they need them. EIZO has constantly added new models to its product line that allow the vast amounts of incoming data to be displayed in a properly structured manner. Optimised for use in operating rooms, EIZO’s CuratOR monitors can be reliably and easily integrated with existing systems and meet a wide range of requirements:

Wall Panels

As the centrepiece of OR installations, EIZO surgical panels offer numerous configuration and connection options. Data is managed, video and audio transfers are configured, and images are laid out and archived on the panels according to the customer’s specific needs. This is all done using Caliop, a programme developed in-house at EIZO.

Video Management

So-called Large Monitor Managers and Alipe, a VMoIP-based (video management over IP) system, are two of four solutions available from the EIZO CuratOR range. These are used to bundle a number of video sources and signals in the operating room and beyond and distribute these to the available display devices to ensure that the required images are optimally presented. The Large Monitor Manager combines and arranges the images from various video inputs based on the user’s preferences, displaying the newly compiled image on the monitor. Alipe allows users to transfer lossless and latency-free image and video data within the operating room as well as to other rooms, such as lecture halls.

OR Monitors

EIZO’s surgical monitors offer unparalleled image quality and are optimised to meet the complex requirements for use in operating rooms. They also feature a hygienic design as well as a range of connection options and display modes. EIZO offers a range of 2D and 3D monitors designed specifically for use in endoscopy that can reproduce surgical images true to the original source data in high resolution and at high brightness and contrast levels.

Large-Format IVR Diagnostic Monitors

Displaying image information on a large diagnostic monitor at very high resolutions creates the ideal conditions for smooth and efficient medical interventions.

EIZO’s RadiForce and CuratOR product lines represent a comprehensive range of innovative high-end solutions for medical applications in various fields.

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For General Administrative Tasks

EIZO offers a wide range of products that provide solutions for numerous applications in the medical field such as diagnostics, clinical review, medical treatment, operations, and beyond.


Staff in general wards, in consultation rooms at hospitals, at reception desks and in IT rooms spend lots of time in front of monitors. This places great strain on their eyes, which quickly become tired. The products in the EIZO FlexScan line come with functionalities that do a very good job of preventing eye fatigue. A range of functionalities and configuration options are available to decrease eye strain. These include blue light reduction (Paper Mode), an anti-flickering feature (EyeCare Dimming), automatic brightness settings (Auto EcoView), anti-glare protection, a slimline bezel and an ergonomic stand.

Operational Stability

Medical wards and emergency rooms at healthcare facilities provide round-the-clock medical care. This means that the monitors used at nurses’ stations and in emergency rooms have to run 24 hours a day. To meet these high demands, many clinics opt to install extremely reliable monitors from the FlexScan and RadiForce product lines in these areas.

Quality Management

The role of digital images in the medical field continues to grow, making it increasingly important to ensure the quality of the images displayed on monitors. As professional, experienced monitor specialists, EIZO offers RadiCS and RadiNet Pro quality control software solutions that enable high-precision monitor validation and deliver end-to-end monitor management that help contribute to the quality of medical care.

EIZO’s RadiForce and CuratOR product lines represent a comprehensive range of innovative high-end solutions for medical applications in various fields.

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Where EIZO will focus in the future

EIZO is known for developing high-quality, dependable display technologies. We will continue to develop monitors that incorporate new technologies such as optical bonding and anti-reflex (AR) in addition to our current line of products.

Greyscale and colour monitors with 1 to 8 megapixels in the RadiForce series meet all the different requirements of medical facilities.

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